responsible, sustainable stewardship of the earth

has been a hallmark of our farmers for generations. Our member-owners at Land O'Lakes, Inc. carry on this tradition by adopting cutting-edge practices to power their businesses, grow their crops and raise their animals.

Chris Policinski
President/CEO of Land O'Lakes

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is committed to industry-leading approaches for improving agricultural sustainability across the dairy, crop and feed markets we serve. We support our members with innovative solutions, technologies and practices that help them use natural resources more efficiently and increase productivity.

Using industry frameworks for measuring and reducing environmental impact and applying best practices in animal care, our members continue to adapt to customer and consumer expectations for sustainably produced food.

“Focusing on sustainability is important, and we also need to continue advancing our farm-to-fork growth strategy. Working with customers is just one way we are driving this dual focus,”

Zak Lowe
Field Sales Director

  • crop inputs
  • dairy foods
  • feed

We help independently owned and operated agricultural retailers compete. We do this by providing these retailers with technical know-how, proprietary tools and research-based solutions to help farmers win in the field—and in the marketplace.


In 1924, the Land O'Lakes name became synonymous with the highest quality dairy products. Today, that hasn't changed. We remain an icon in our nation’s kitchens and restaurants, and a key supplier to food manufacturers around the world.

Passion for animal excellence defines our animal nutrition business—and the people who bring it to life. With more than 24,000 scientific studies under our belts, we are driving innovation, expertise and quality in everything we do. Our customers know they are feeding their animals the very best.